Coralife’s new Aqualight LED, available now at major retailers

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Coralife has entered the high-end LED lighting market in grand fashion … perhaps too grand?  $2,500 puts their fixture at the upper echelon of LED lights; Put in context,  the Aqualight LED costs more than:


Is it worth the price?  We’ll let you decide.

Click to view the promotional brochure

Advanced Aquarist thanks Marine Depot for providing us this information.  The Coralife Aqualight LED is available at Marine Depot and most major aquarium outfitters.


A quick recap of the Aqualight LED:

  • 92 LEDs arranged equally in 4 separate modules.  The LEDs are 32 3.4W Luxeon Rebel Royal Blue (447nm), 52 3.4W Luxeon Rebel Cool White (6,500K), and 8 2.2W Luxeon Rebel PC Amber (591nm)
  • Optics utilizing specially designed lenses, collimators, and metallic reflectors
  • Built-in controller with pre-programmed 10,000K, 14,000K, and 20,000K color temperature settings.  The light level is dimmable from 100 to 10 percent.  Users determine sunrise, daytime, sunset, and moonlight settings.
  • Retail package includes both mounting legs (for 48″ long aquariums) as well as a suspension kit.
  • Designed for 48″ long tanks, 18-30″ wide & 30″ deep
  • 28 lbs measuring 46.25″L x 15″W x 3.38″H



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