Corals of the World: Another important reference website

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Corals of the World: Another important reference website

The Corals of the World factsheet for Acropora abrolhosensis.

Last week, we introduced you to, a sister site to popular provides comprehensive information on non-fish aquatic life such as corals, clams, crustaceans, echinoderms, and anemones.

In 2011, the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) developed another extensive online database, this time focusing strictly on stoney corals: Corals of the World (

The coral ID component is based on J.E.N. Veron’s epic three-volume book, “Corals of the World” (2000) and incorporates the species data found in the electronic publication “Coral ID” (Veron and Stafford-Smith, 2002).  Approximately 800 species of stoney corals are described – 170 species of Acropora alone!  Each species factsheet contains in situ photos of corals and their skeletons with text describing their physical characteristics, habitat, abundance, and similar species.  If you’re looking to research or ID a stoney coral, there is no better place to start then here.

The Reference Trinity

Between Corals of the World,, and, you have a vast body of accessible and accurate information at your fingertips.  Knowledge is power.

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