About  Coralscience.org:

Coralscience.org was founded in 2008 by Tim Wijgerde to help bridge the gap between science (coral science in particular) and society, and to stimulate awareness for our fragile planet and its ecosystems.  Coralscience.org publishes articles about coral reef research, readable to science-oriented individuals, divers, aquarium staff and advanced aquarists. We hope to stimulate discussion about coral reefs, the oceans in general and the earth’s climate. We believe science should be made both accessible and understandable to all mankind. Coral Science is a non-profit project, and is supported by scientists from various research institutes. Coral Science is published by Coral Publications.

Coral Science’s team is comprised of leading coral researchers from around the world (including Advanced Aquarist author Dana Riddle).  Visit Coralscience.org to read scientific articles and watch exclusive videos pertaining to coral reef research.  Advanced Aquarist will start publishing select articles from Coral Science starting tomorrow.

An Advanced Aquarist is an educated aquarist, and we can think of few sources with more reliable and digestible scientific information than Coral Science!

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