reef, coralsThe Caledonian Sky, owned by British company Noble Caledonia Damage accidentally ran aground on a pristine Indonesian coral reef could total well into the millions of dollars in damages, according to environmental groups working in the region.
Researchers for Conservation International Indonesia (CII), Papua State University and the Regional Technical Implementing Unit (UPTD) found that the grounding of the 297 foot Caledonian Sky cruise ship on March 4th caused massive damage to several reefs that are unique to Raja Ampat, a remote and idyllic island chain west of Indonesia’s Papua province.
“The types of reefs that were damaged by the ship are Genus Porites, Acropora, Pocillopora , Tubastrea, Montipora, Stylopora, Favia and Pavites. It will take decades to restore the reefs,” Ricardo Tapilatu, who headed the research, told the Jakarta Post. MORE

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