Curve Appeal: A 2000 Gallon Crescent Aquarium

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The content below is provided by Living Color Aquariums.


Ocean Experience in Oakland Ca., contracted Living Color to design and build this dramatic 2000 gallon (192″L x 54″W x 48″H) semi-circular aquarium.  The aquarium sits on the floor so that the physically challenged owner can enjoy her fish at eye level from her wheelchair.  The curved radius was created by placing a 25ft long piece of 1 ¾  inch thick acrylic into our giant acrylic oven to thermo-form it into a graceful arc.  The panel was then set into a sturdy Fiberglass frame (FRP) and sealed.

For lasting beauty and ease of maintenance the client selected our museum-quality artificial coral reef inserts.  The reefs conceals all the aquarium plumbing and provides a realistic habitat for an array of marine ornamental fish. The reefs also conceal a series of outlets where New Era Marine Pellets can be pumped into the tank at a push of a button.  A clear acrylic floor above the aquarium allows the owner to view and add additional food the tank from above.  Access panels to service the aquarium are concealed by elegant woodwork that surrounds the tank.

The aquarium filtration is remotely located in a room below the aquarium.  The filtration system turns over the aquarium system four times per hour and utilizes a 600 gallon sump. A liquid level controller ensures that the large sump stays at optimum operating level.  The aquarium system also includes an 8 ½ foot tall protein skimmer, UV sterilizers, mechanical filters, bio tower, fluidized bed filter and a 36,000 BTU chiller. Water changes are performed with the assistance of a  200 gallon per day RO/DI unit fitted to a 500 gallon RO/Saltwater mixing tank, new saltwater is then sent to the aquarium via an automated transfer pump.

Bringing this huge tank into an already existing home was a challenge for our team of experienced installers.  An elaborate ramp and rail system was constructed to slide to aquarium up the stairs and into the home with no room for error.  When full, the aquarium weighs over 17,000 lbs!

Here are some additional photos from fabrication to completion.







Living Color is the recognized leader in building turnkey custom commercial and residential aquariums for landmark properties worldwide.

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    how much would a tank like this cost turn key?


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