10630704_345545768945123_3997627488163926739_o Another day spent finding more ways for the interwebs to drain my bank account. How did I not know of these little guys?! If any of you knew these existed, I hope you weren’t holding out on me. So anyways, this company out in Malaysia is handcrafting this adorable magnets (mostly nudies) with food-grade clay and food coloring. The whimsical gastropod mollusks of the Nudibranchia group will come in very handy, holding up “water change” reminders on your fridge. Fun fact – the word “nudibranch” comes from the Latin word “nudis” meaning naked, and “brankhia”, the Greek word for “gills”. Also included are some squirmy little garden eels and a surprised puffer. I’m ordering every last one. Check out more on the Marine Magnets Facebook page.
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