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Leave it to D-D The Aquarium Solution, to create a new high caliber magazine type catalog about their product line.  D-D and its partners (Deltec, Rowa, and Giesemann) have loaded this magazine/catalog with all of the products they sell in Europe and some sold here in the States.

This magazine/catalog has detailed information on all of their products with a third party review of their salt, H2Ocean.  To further enhance this catalog they incorporated a series of featured articles giving the reader a wider variety of material to enjoy.

Featured Articles:

  • Understanding Salinity  by Stuart Bertram
  • Chasing the Tail of pH  by Simon Garratt
  • David Saxby’s Reef Aquarium  by Chris Carlton
  • An Idiots Guide to Reef Photography  by Tony Rogers
  • Adventure at Apo Reef  by Tony Vargas

The quality of this catalog is second to none.  The paper used to layout these magnificent photographs are thick with a semi-gloss finish.  This is a new high for our industry and I can see others trying to duplicate this new high.

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