Dana Riddle receives Aquarist of the Year at MACNA 2011

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Long time readers are no stranger to Dana’s many contribution to both our hobby and Advanced Aquarist. We understand that Dana was up against some stiff competition as is every Aquarist of the Year, and this year Dana’s many contributions to our hobby earned him the 2011 MASNA Aquarist of the Year Award. He now joins a long list of recognized winners: Martin Moe, Bruce Carlson, Sanjay Joshi, Randy Holmes-Farley, Julian Sprung, Charles Delbeek, and many others.

Some of Dana’s contributions to the hobby include:

  1. Product Review: Inexpensive Analytical Devices: Hanna Instruments’ Checkers: Alkalinity and Phosphate
  2. Product Review: Two Little Fishies’ Media Reactor 150 and PhosBan Phosphate and Silica Adsorption Media
  3. Feature Article: Getting Really Up to Date on Zooxanthellae (Symbiodinium spp.)
  4. Feature Article: Measuring Water Movement in Your Reef Aquarium for Less Than $100
  5. Search for more articles…

in addition to the speeches he has made over the years.

Dana’s acceptance speech was very heart-felt and we look forward to many long years of future work generated by this driven, passionate, hobbyist.

Banzai, Dana!


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