Love them or hate them, the folks from animal planet’s Tanked (acrylic tank manufacturing) continue to make headlines and some very interesting aquariums. One of the latest projects, which was featured on Friday’s season premiere episode, focused on designing a tank for Baywatch’s own David Hasselhoff. For some of our younger readers, David Hasselhoff starred in the popular TV series Baywatch and Knight Rider (my personal favorite). Tanked’s Wayde King and Brett Raymer listened to Hasselhoff’s request before designing the Baywatch themed tank. “I wanted bright fish that I could strike up a relationship with,” Hasselhoff told PEOPLE. “Specifically, sharks and fish that have great personalities that would know you.” The guys from tank suggested also incorporating pieces from Knight Rider, Baywatch and the Berlin wall. The tank featured custom inserts including the Berlin wall, a lifeguard stand and the Kitt car. Hasselhoff says he is delighted with the final result. “It was quite spiritual, actually,” Hasselhoff told PEOPLE. “It made me feel calm and curious and honored that these fish would now be my friends. I couldn’t wait to be hanging out with my new friends and family!”  Another notable aquarium featured on Tanked include a diesel truck tank for Shaquille O’Neil.  MORE

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