Day 1247: Three years, 5 months

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reef tank melevIf you follow my youtube channel, you’ve probably heard how I have to get my arms wet and really cull the 400g reef because the growth at the top is shadowing everything beneath, and those things beneath have little chance of living. I hate to have to rip out these big colonies, but there’s no choice. Here are a bunch of pictures of the tank today. 

reef tank melevBiggest thing to happen recently was an alkalinity dip. When I see some coral turn white and bleach, I always think it’s because of shadowing instead of being a smart guy and testing alkalinity, and yet it again I was wrong and water quality has dropped somewhat. Alkalinity was measuring 7.5 dKH and the big acro at the top took a hit. I was able to correct that mistake, and dosed some buffer to bring it up while adjusting the calcium reactor’s melting point a bit lower to increase the total alkalinity of the tank. The effluent coming out of the calcium reactor measures 20 dKH which is perfectly good MORE: Day 1247: Three years, 5 months

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