December downloadable issue is now available

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December downloadable issue is now available

December 2011 cover.

Download it now !


This month’s issue is 31 pages in length (PDF), is a 9.2 MB download, and only costs $0.99! It comes in three formats (PDF, Kindle, and Nook) which makes it great for taking it wherever you go. Articles include: Building a Plywood Aquarium, Sun Corals, Tomato Clownfish, and more! See the Table of Contents for more information.

The PDF version is full-color and we designed it to look great printed either single-sided or duplex (back-to-back). If you would like to see a couple example issues before purchasing, we have made a number of our older PDF issues available for free. Download a couple and check them out.

The Kindle and Nook versions also included in the download are fully optimized for your eReader of choice. The layout is clean and easy to read as you would expect for reading on your device. Take a look at our January 2011 issue in Kindle / Nook format before you buy to get a feel for its layout and readability.

Once you have looked through a couple example issues and like what you see, head over to and purchase this month’s issue (and a couple more while you are at it). Each issue is only $0.99.

Purchasing a $0.99 downloadable issue is a great way to support Advanced Aquarist and helps keep this website and it’s content free for our online readers. We also have many of our back issues in PDF / Kindle / Nook format and they can also be purchased from the PDF section of our website.

We encourage you to send us your feedback. If you have any thoughts, please contact us at [email protected].

We hope you enjoy the issue!


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