It’s a well known fact that we know very little about what occurs in the world’s oceans, and the deep sea has been almost a complete mystery until the past 50 years.  Scientists are now using a combination of technologies to analyze some of the animals that inhabit these dangerous depths, instead of simple trawling they make use of pressurized containment vessels to preserve animals on their way up to the surface.  The lack of pressure causes these animals to die, but if they are brought up in a proper way they can remain intact and sometimes will live long enough for scientists to analyze and identify them.  This collection of photos from David Wrobel, a former biologist at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, highlights with excellent clarity the amazing animals that have rarely been photographed.  These animals pull some incredible stunts to stay alive at the bottom of the ocean and their appendages are nothing short of mindblowing.  The specialization of these animals should keep us busy for many years trying to mirror their abilities with technology, which always seems to be 10 steps behind what evolution has wrought.  Check out the incredible photos HERE.

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