Deep-Sea Scorpionfish, Scorpaena sp

by | Jun 2, 2017 | Fish, Reef, Science | 0 comments

scorpionfishGood morning out there, I have a tiny inch and a half long scorpionfish for you all today, found by our science friends at this little museum called the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, maybe you heard of it??

Scorpionfish, for those of you new to this, are “ambush hunters” meaning they find a place to hide and will lay there motionless for hours upon hours waiting for some poor little fish, shrimp or crab to pass by. Most scorpionfish, also called rockfish, blend in with their surroundings so well that even a diver can not see them mostly because they are covered in algae or change their colors to look like the surroundings, this one here on the other hand is about as bright as they come and apparently feels there’s no need to wear camo when out fishing. MORE


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