Deepwater Aquatics’ new HOB skimmer by JNS

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HOB skimmers are difficult to design because their limited real estate creates engineering challenges (if you subscribe to popular skimmer design theory).  The small space makes it difficult to design a reaction chamber with high volume of air and water turnover while keeping turbulence low.

Thus we were excited when Salty Supply brought to our attention a new HOB protein skimmer manufactured by Taiwanese manufacturer JNS.

The Deepwater Aquatics HOB Skimmer by JNS features JNS’ unique ConeS bubble/diffuser plate to solve the problem of turbulence.  The ConeS diffuser is essentially multiple miniature tapered cone nozzles that direct bubbles upwards in a more controlled manner (nozzles are seen above the blue acrylic plate in the photo, right).

The construction of this HOB skimmer is full cell cast acrylic.  The majority of the external box is white, but the rear panel features a transparent acrylic viewing panel to help users adjust and maintain their skimmers.

The skimmer neck is a diagonal “sloped riser” design.  This type of neck has been used in past skimmers but is rarely seen in modern skimmers.  Yet, it makes perfect sense for a smaller HOB skimmer; this design allows more foam to gradually rise into the collection cup compared to conventional small diameter necks.

The fully submerged Shark 1.0 pump and built-in air silencer are said to help reduce noise levels.

One small feature we would like to see added to this well-thought-out design is a waste collection outlet.  Small collection cups fill up notoriously quickly so external waste collectors are even more useful for smaller skimmers.


  • Dimensions: L7.9″ x W4.2″ H14.5″
  • Pump: Shark 1.0
  • Power Consumption: 11 Watts
  • Outlet Size: 3/4″
  • Volume Rating: up to 75 Gallons
  • Retail price: $249 USD (“Street” price ~$209)




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