Destination Reefs: Palau

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Palau is a tiny nation island north of Australia and east of the Philippines consisting of an archipelago of about 300 lush rocky islands, which have been called “a labyrinth of emeralds floating on a cobalt sea” – truly breathtaking and bordering on surreal.

But below the waves is where the real magic is found.  Palau is one of the more pristine coral reefs in the world, relatively unscathed by human activity despite Palau’s popularity as a resort and dive location.  From the famous Jellyfish Lake to the cavernous dives at the Blue Hole to the 600′ deep Big Drop-off reef, the underwater landscape is as varied as it is spectacular.

This excellent video by Lighting Strike Productions showcases the beauty of Palau.

And here is another video by Lighting Strike Productions capturing massive schools of Naso Tangs in Palau.

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