In fact, Sulawesi is so popular with underwater photographers and videographers that we will “stay” here for two weeks; There’s simply too many awesome videos to share in one trip!  From muck dives to coral gardens, Sulawesi has it all.

Our first video this week is the highest definition video we’ve ever shared in the Destination Reefs series (jaw-dropping clarity).  The second videos shows the incredible aquascapes of Sulawesi’s coral gardens, and the third video contains excellent footage of the incredible muck dives found at Lembeh Strait.  Next week, we’ll get up close and personal with the amazing critters that call Sulawesi home.

The Destination Reefs video series showcases the diversity of coral reefs around the world.  Through these high quality videos, Advanced Aquarist hopes we can all gain a greater appreciation of reef life beyond our glass boxes.

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