Distant Hollow: A dramatic aquascape by Exotic Aquatics

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Distant Hollow: A dramatic aquascape by Exotic Aquatics

The dramatic aquatic appears endlessly deep thanks to its layering and proportions directing your eye towards the “infinity” hollow in the middle.

The tank is a 120L (~33 US gallon) CADE CB600 measuring 600mm x 450mm x 450mm (24 x 18 x 18inches).  According to Exotic Aquatic’s facebook page, the plant species used in Distant Hollow are:

  • Bucephalandra kedagang
  • Bucephalandra kedagang red
  • Bucephalandra brownie ghost
  • Bucephalandra brownie blue
  • Bucephalandra mini entikong
  • Bucephalandra chillies
  • Bucephalandra lamandau purple
  • Bucephalandra pink Elise
  • Bucephalandra pink biblis
  • Bucephalandra green wave
  • Bucephalandra super red
  • Bucephalandra mini katherinae
  • Bucephalandra katherinae red
  • Mini pelia
  • Mini weeping moss
  • Mini fissidens
  • Us fissidens
  • Rose moss
  • Crypt Parva
  • Hygro pinnatafida
  • Staurogyne repens
  • Pogo helferi
  • Needle leaf Java fern


Here are a few photos and a video of Distant Hollow.  You may want to wear a bib to catch all the drooling. Click here to view more photos of this beautiful aquarium.

The first photo shows the aquarium’s auspicious beginnings.  The hardscape is a dramatic canvas waiting to be painted with plants …


… into this masterpiece.  Furtive gazes, everyone.  We’re not worthy.




Here’s a video of Distant Hollow.  Click the HD button to watch in higher resolution.

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