Doctor rents second apartment just for fish

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Doctor rents second apartment just for fish

Photo by Anneli Salo (C.C.)

According to Daily Sabah, Önder Doğanay’s wife grew increasingly frustrated and angry having to take care of his 42 fish tanks – so angry, in fact, that she gave him the ultimatum of living with her or his fish.  How’s a man to decide?!

In the end, he got to keep both.  Doğanay rented a separate flat and moved all his fish (his favorite mistress are discus) into their personal space.  A professional fishkeeper now tends to the tanks while the doctor is away at the hospital, and his wife is finally at peace at home.

Most of us would sacrifice a kidney for just a dedicated fish room, yet Doğanay somehow managed to convince his wife to agree to a whole fish apartment.


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