Dokdo Tank: An upcoming affordable, high-tech nano reef system?

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Dokdo Tank: An upcoming affordable, high-tech nano reef system?

From left to right: Dokdo Tank’s Reef Monster LED, Sensor Voss, and Wave Plus.

The Dokdo Tank appears to be a Indiegogo crowd-source venture aimed at producing an “affordable” integrated and comprehensive nano reefkeeping system.  A word about the website: the website is clearly a work in progress; it still contains many placeholders.  While most of the placeholders are your standard website development fare, more interesting is that some of the placeholders are cut-and-paste from Ecotech’s website (e.g. TIR lens information), so it’s obvious where Dokdo Tank’s “inspiration” stems from.

The Dokdo Tank system is comprised of the following components:

dokdoLED.jpgReef Monster LED light. The arm-mounted LED system features CREE LEDs controlled on multiple individual channels.  The website lists 40 LEDs on six channels, but we’re not sure this specification is finalized. The details about its output and LED arrangement is also not available at this time.  What is known is the light includes built-in WiFi as well as Bluetooth wireless capabilities.  It is also fan cooled from the top.

Wave Plus propeller pump.  The Wave Plus is designed like the Ecotech vortech with a dry motor side and wet propeller side.  The pump will feature multiple modes and can be synchronized with other pumps.  The Wave Plus is Bluetooth enabled, but it does not appear to be WiFi enabled.  However, from what we can tell, the pump can be remotely accessed by communicating (via Bluetooth) with other WiFi enabled Dodko Tank equipment.  Pump specs?  Your guess is as good as ours.  The website rates the pump for “aquariums ranging from 2.5 gallons to 1,000+ gallons (9.5 to 3,800+ liters)” … whatever that means.


dokdosump1.jpgSensor Voss. The photo of the Sensor Voss is supplied at the top of this article.  This is a small drop-in monitoring unit housing probes that measure pH, ORP, temperature, and “DO” (we’re pretty sure DO means dissolved oxygen).  The website also lists “Conductivity/TDS, Nitrate” as extras, but we have no idea what this means.

System Sump. The System Sump (pictured right) is a fairly conventional hang-on-back (HOB) sump that includes a removable compartment for biological or chemical media, a small protein skimmer, and a small return pump.  The Sensor Voss can fit in the System Sump, as seen in the diagram below.


All Dokdo Tank components are monitored and controlled via your computer or using an app downloaded to your cell phone/tablet. A screen shot is supplied below.



As for pricing, Dokdo states: “Existing products on the market today will cost approximately $2,000. Through Dokdo Tank’s entrance into the market via crowd-funding, a special discounted price will be offered as an Indiegogo Reward for $699 only for backers.”  We aren’t clear if $699 is for the complete system, and we don’t know what the retail price for non-backers will be.

The Indiegogo crowd-source funding page is suppose to have been active by now, but we can’t find it so we assume it is still in the works.  We have reached out to Dokdo for more information and will relay the info if/when we receive it.  Dokdo just published the following video, so the venture appears to be progressing:


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