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Jose Luis Barbero, a Spanish dolphin trainer with 35 years in the industry, who was due to go to work at the Georgia Aquarium,is now missing. Barbero worked on the resort island of Mallorca and was scheduled to become vice president of the Georgia Aquarium. However, there was recent public outcry against Barbero due to a video which were released in February that purportedly showed him as one of the trainers hitting and kicking dolphins at Marineland Mallorca.The videos are dark and unclear, and CNN was unable to confirm their authenticity. Barbero’s employer in Spain, at Marineland Mallorca, strongly denies the allegations and wants legal action against those accusing Barbero. The Georgia Aquarium put the hiring of Barbero on hold when the videos were released, and stated they would investigate the matter fully to get to the truth. The Spanish authorities are still searching for Barbero. MORE

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