Who among us doesn’t love dolphins? They are often considered some of the smartest animals and are very quick learners. With my many years working in the public aquarium industry, I’ve developed quite an affinity for them and can vouch for how clever these marine mammals really are.Dolphin behavior is often studied and seen as a sign of true intelligence. In this fascinating video, you can see that these dolphins have devised a very smart way of catching fish in the shallow water. The dolphin pod communicates and works together to drive the school of fish into a circle as they beat their tails in unison in the shallow water to stir up the muddy bottom. The dolphins can be observed herding the fish into a smaller and smaller area while creating something that can be described as a fishing net made of mud. This action creates a ring of mud which traps the fish and scares them into jumping out of the water right into the dolphins’ gaping mouths. This behavior is a good example of how dolphins have developed unique skills to make their lives easier. Other dolphin species have been observed using tools to make their lives easier.

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