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The largest single-day saltwater aquarium show in the country is back! Come see 100+ vendors all under one roof with the best prices for corals, gear, and everything reef-related.

Q and As:

Q: What time do the doors open?

10 AM. Raffle starts at 4pm

Q: What is the best strategy in regards to coolers? How does everyone keep things warm? Wait to shop until you’re ready to leave? Other concerns?

Bring 2 coolers. A hard sided larger cooler that you can leave at the cooler check station and a second soft sided lunch cooler bag that you can use to carry around with you. Every hour or so, unload your soft sided cooler corals into your hard sided one at the cooler check station. Tape a long release heat pack to the lid of the hard sided cooler or take a soda bottle and fill it with hot water and then wrap it in a towel and put it in the cooler.

Q: I’ve never been to this frag swap, and I don’t know what to expect. Would bringing my kid in stroller be ok or will there be too many people?

Yeah, you can bring a stroller. Just be patient and you will be fine. Have your kid hold the cooler!

Q: I have to drive 3 hours to get to the Frag Farmers, is it really worth it?
-I always look at a big show this way; I drive an hour to go to a good fish store. What if I could drive 3 to see all of the fish stores in one place. With almost 80 coral vendors this year, this is the single largest grouping of corals you can find anywhere. No conference, no show, no swap focuses on just corals like the FFM. With a number of vendors similar to a RAP, or MACNA, but focused on just corals and only $10 to get in, you get a better selection here than anywhere. There is also a SUPER low vendor fee so the vendors tend to have better prices and a little less stress, so its a much more “chilled out” environment for everyone… with better prices!. The room after room of corals at the FFM is overwhelming, even to me and I have been to them all!
Q: What are the typical prices at the FFM?
-The prices at the FFM tend to be better than you will find elsewhere for three reasons:
~One, the shops always stock up to sell at shows and give better pricing than you would see in their store, or online. They often do package deals, 5 for $50, etc…
~Secondly, the buy-in for shops is so low, they don’t feel the pressure to make back their set-up fee. Typical shows this size charge $1000’s for the space, mine is WAY under that, and only $30 for hobbyists. People always ask why don’t I charge more, and the answer is I’m not in this for the money. I just want to be able to run my coral project with the kids at the school.
~Lastly, with so many vendors, you can find the same coral at multiple stations. That competition causes better prices. Frags range anywhere from free (yes that happens!) all the way up to $1000+.
Q: How do I get tickets??
Admission is $10. All sales are at the door for the FFM. There are no advanced sales.
Q: Will there be high end corals at the FFM?
-Yes, there are a TON of high end Zoas, LPS, and SPS at the FFM, sold by many of the vendors. The FB group for the event has been blowing up with “Who is bringing (Fill in crazy name here) to the show??” Pretty much everyone is answered with a few “Yeah, I’ll have that.” Every year, I see things at the FFM that I didn’t even know existed?
“Can I find easy to keep corals? I have a new tank or am just looking to fill some space.”
-Yes! Lots of the hobbyists farm easy stuff: GSP, mushrooms, leathers, xenia, etc… Our school project focuses on easy to keep stuff, stop by 107 and look!
Q: Do vendors accept credit cards?
-Some do, some don’t. Most of the shops do but some of the hobbyists do not. I always suggest cash, it’s a sure thing.
Q: How do I get my new corals home?
-Bring a cooler. The good news is that you don’t have to lug it around all day. The FFM has a FREE cooler check station: drop your cooler off and we will keep it safe for you. If you need to drop something off, just stop by the table and throw it into your cooler! Don’t worry, your stuff will be safe at the cooler station!
Q: Is there a raffle?
-Yes there is. It is one of the biggest you will see at a swap with everything from rock to supplements, fish to coral, controllers to pumps, lighting to AIO tanks, cutters to coral saws and a TON more! Raffle tickets are for sale all day at the FFM. Just find one of the guys walking around selling them.
Q: Where does all the money from the FFM go?
-ALL of the proceeds go to support the E.O. Smith High School Coral Project. I teach my students about corals, aquaculture, and conservation by having them help me run the school’s coral farm. The FFM has become so successful that I have been able to start helping other schools get going with similar projects. I have also used the proceeds from the FFM to give out over $3000 in scholarships over the last six years to students who are going to college to study marine science.

Any other questions? Want to know more? THIS PAGE  has all the answers.

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