Dream kitchen for the modern reefkeeper

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Dream kitchen for the modern reefkeeper

We would never leave the kitchen.

This Aquafront-designed aquarium is a bespoke handmade system that has been completely integrated into the units of the Poggenpohl +Artesio design kitchen. The idea behind this whole concept was to showcase how an aquarium can add a dynamic and colorful element to any living space including the kitchen.

From concept to fruition:



System specification

  • Display tank: 1190mm (l) x 520mm (w) x 675mm (t)
  • Sump tank: 1000mm (l) x 500mm (w) x 500mm (t)
  • Material: 10mm low iron float glass held together by structural grade silicone.
  • Total System Volume: 650 litres (170 US gallons)
  • Frame: 800mm tall powder coated aluminium frame
  • Panels: Poggenpohl +Artesio glass laminated MDF panels (Colour Arctic White).
  • Main pump: ATB Airstar 6000 – Total system turnover 5000 litres per hour.
  • Protein Skimmer: ATB Nano B
  • Lights: 2x AI Sol Blue LED
  • Boxed in fan assisted vents for cabinet ventilation and cooling.
  • Algae bed with 4 different species of macroalgae  in sump powered by LED’s to keep the system in balance.
  • Ehiem twin auto feeder
  • 80kg of Fiji Live rock
  • 20kg of live sand
  • Soft coral and polyp only tank
  • Water changes dropped from once a week to once every three weeks with the recent addition of 2 x Deltec fluidised reactors (one with Rowphos the other bio pellets).






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