Dumped Aquarium Fish Decimate Australia’s Waterways

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Owning fish is a big commitment, both of time and money. Many people think they are ready for this exciting pet ownership, only to realize they are not. Apparently, many people also think releasing these fish into natural waterways is a good idea. It is clearly not. These captive fish are dumped into rivers and lakes and can decimate the natural population rather quickly. The aquarium fish grow to big as big as their environment allows, hence the size of the massive Koi shown in the photograph.These now much bigger fish, overtake the area and are able to consume all of the resources, to the natural populations dismay. It is a serious problem and one in which consumers need education on. Dumping unwanted aquarium fish into natural waterways is a worldwide problem that needs to be addressed. MORE

  • Francis Yupangco

    Francis is a marine biologist with an MBA and over 20 years of professional aquarium experience. Francis is the former Aquatic Development Manager at Hagen USA., makers of Fluval brand aquarium products. He co-stars on Nat Geo WILD's reality TV series Fish Tank Kings where he is the resident "Fish Geek" and was Director of Marketing at Living Color Aquariums. He is an avid explorer having visited over 45 countries and lived in 7. At 17, he was among the youngest aquarists ever hired by the Vancouver Aquarium, where he worked for 7 years. His aquatic biology experience ranges from larval fish rearing to the design, construction and operational management of renowned public aquariums around the world. Francis is currently head of marketing at the world's largest vertically integrated fish farming company.


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