Easter Egg Jellyfish Craft

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Make an easter egg jellyfish craft with half a plastic easter egg! Use the side that has the holes in the bottom. You will also need some string, colored paper, newspaper and glue.

1. Cut the paper into skinny strips, some shorter to wrap around the egg and longer ones for the tentacles.

2.  Thread your string through the two holes leaving a loop on the inside of the egg.

3. Dip your paper strips into the glue (like paper mache) and wrap them around the egg covering both the inside and outside. Make sure to go around the string loop on the inside so you can use it later.

4. Once the egg is covered with the shorter strips, thread the longer strips through the loop on the inside of the egg. Pull the string up tight to secure them in place and curl them a bit around your finger.

Thank you to former public school teacher and current homeschooler Karyn for this adorable craft! Check out her website HERE to see all her wonderful crafts and activities!

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