The wait is over: EcoAquariums shipping PNG fish!

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The wait is over: EcoAquariums shipping PNG fish!

Fish exported by EcoAquariums PNG are tagged with collection records.

Why is this news so exciting?


PNG offers many novel and variants of fish and coral species previously unavailable to hobbyists.  EcoAquariums PNG has demonstrated a commitment to sustainable collection, equitability to village-based collectors, and shipping out high quality fish to aquarists.

Similar to Quality Marine who recently introduced QR code tags to track fish along the supply chain, EcoAquariums PNG ships all their fish with ID tags; These tags record collection information and certify sustainable collection.  It is rewarding to see the industry move towards greater sustainability and accountability.

Thus far PNG has already exported about 60 species to Asia, including Swallowtail and Watanabei Angels, Golden Butterflies, Lyretail Hawkfish, Lyretail Anthias, New Guinea Wrasse, Papuan Toby Puffer, Ringtail Cardinals and Yellow Cardinal.  No famed Lightning Maroon Clownfish have been collected yet, but they did ship out some unique misbarred clowns (pictured below).  Aquarist may soon see very interesting captive-bred clownfish from parents of new PNG variants.

The maiden exports to North America and the UK is scheduled for late January or early February 2012.  Aquarists should see PNG fish and corals soon thereafter.

Read Ret’s interview with EcoAquariums Director Dan Navin and learn more about EcoAquariums PNG.



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