Ecotech introduces XR15wPRO LED light for smaller aquariums

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EcoTech Marine launches new LED light for smaller tanks, the Radion XR15w

[6/30/2014, Allentown, PA]—EcoTech Marine is proud to announce its newest member of the Radion LED lighting line, the Radion XR15wPRO.

Available soon at your local fish store or favorite online retailer, this Radion XR15wPRO is ideal for smaller or shallow reef tanks (80 gallons or less) and for hobbyists who want to invest in the health and beauty of their tank. This light has the same dependable, high-quality technology found on the larger Radion XR30w model, for a lower price.

With a price of $449 the XR15wPRO offers:

  • 19 energy-efficient LEDs
  • 7 colors (including UV) and 6 channels
  • Full spectrum 24×24 inch light spread
  • Built-in integration with EcoSmart Live

The radion XR15wPRO has the same modularity as all Radion lights, enabling easy upgrades and backwards compatibility. It also seamlessly integrates with ReefLink and EcoSmart Live, EcoTech’s wireless, web-based controller platform.

EcoTech Marine is thrilled to announce this newest member of the radion LED line,” said Tim Marks, President. “We aim to create the best technology and equipment for aquarium hobbyists and enthusiasts. By introducing the radion XR15wPRO, we can provide EcoTech Marine’s cutting-edge technology to a wider range of reef tanks and hobbyists.”


About EcoTech Marine

Founded in 2003 and based in Pennsylvania, EcoTech Marine has revolutionized the way people think about aquarium technology and has raised the industry standard for aquarium equipment. Its technologically superior products, which include its VorTech pumps; radion lighting products; Elements coral glue; and accessories, offer unmatched performance, and its commitment to elegant design minimizes the equipment’s visual intrusion into customer’s aquarium.

The customer-centric company manufactures and assembles products – each of which has been tested and endorsed by marine biologists – that are easily programmable and customizable.

For more information about EcoTech Marine, visit:, like the company on Facebook or follow on Twitter.


Brilliant Color Perfect Size!

Everything you expect from a Radion, but with an output and form factor crafted specifically for small to medium sized tanks.

EcoTech Marine’s new radion, the XR15wPRO is here! The XR15wPRO features the same great spectrum, same features and same warranty as its big brother the XR30wPRO. But with one major difference: it’s smaller. The one cluster design means the XR15wPRO has the right size shape, wattage, and PAR for small to medium sized tanks where the full output of an XR30w  is not necessary.


Right: Sleek and powerful: All the great features that make the radion family the best aquarium lights available are now specifically suited for a small to medium tank size.

Left: Beautiful light quality: The XR15wPRO incorporates the same high output LEDs from Cree, SemiLED, and OSRAM as its big brother the XR30wPRO.

Ask about it at you Local Fish Store today!

The XR15wPRO will start shipping to retailers shortly. Let your LFS (Local Fish Store) know that you want one to ensure that you receive one before initial supply runs out!



Q: Is an XR15wPRO right for me?
A: The majority of standard commercially available 20-60 gallon tanks (2-4 ft long, 12-24 inch deep) will benefit from 1-2x XR15wPROs vs. the equivalent number of XR30s. So if  you are looking for a new light for a tank in that size range – the XR15wPRO is top-of-the-line.

Q: What is the coverage of an XR15wPRO?
A: Roughly 2ft by 2ft.

Q: Why is the spread almost as much as an XR30 model light?
A: Spread is more of a factor of optics than wattage or clusters. The XR15wPRO comes with  Wide Angle TIR Optics installed standard so the spread from one cluster is not much less than the spread from two clusters. What is different however, is the PAR at the same % output – The Xr15wPRO produces less PAR than the higher wattage multi-cluster XR30 models. The XR15 is ideal for commercially available shallow tanks where PAR at depth is not necessary.

Q: Will the Xr15wPRO work with EcoSmart Live and all of my other wirelessly enabled EcoTech equipment?
A: Yes – The XR15wPRO is wireless enabled and is as easy to setup as the XR30. If you are new to EcoSmart Live please visit our website to see all of the amazing things that you can do with our EcoSmart Live cloud based control platform.

Q: Warranty?
A: Fixture 1 year,LEDs 2 Years.

Q: I have seen pictures of a mounting bracket for the XR30 – will there be a mounting bracket for the XR15wPRO?
A: Yes, In late August/early September 2014 EcoTech will begin shipping the RMS mounting system for both the XR15wPRO and XR30 model lights. Comprehensive information for that product will be provided shortly. If you are interested please watch your email for more information.

Q: I have heard rumors that there will be a freshwater version of the XR15 called the XR15 Freshwater – is that true?

A: The rumors are true – about a month after the XR15wPRO the XR15FW will be launched. The output, price and configuration will be different. If you are interested please check your email and on EcoTech’s website for more information.

Q: What is the MRP of the XR15wPRO?
A: $449USD



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