Ecotech to begin public beta of comprehensively updated EcoSmart Live 

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EcoSmart Live Comprehensive Update (BETA) Announcement

EcoSmart Live is a forward thinking, easy to use, and powerful command center to control and interface with your EcoTech Marine products. Reef aquarium technology has been accelerating at a blinding rate over the last few years. ESL ensures that your EcoTech Marine products, no matter when you purchased them, are capable of keeping up with the pack.

The vortech aquarium pump was introduced to the world as the most cutting-edge aquarium pump ever designed. With paradigm shifting magnetically coupled torque transfer technology, EcoTech Marine revolutionized the industry by literally thinking outside of the box. Whether you bought your vortech the first year it came out, or just last week, we have always been committed to the premise of backward compatibility for all of our products. In line with this long term commitment to our customers, the latest update to ESL gives new life to the pump we all know and love.

Welcome to the future of ESL in the form of this comprehensive update. Included in this release are new features that you will appreciate. Features that you will use. And features that will position your EcoTech Marine aquarium products with capabilities beyond anything else available.

  • All new web design provides quick and convenient access to your Radions, VorTechs, and device settings.
  • vortech control! Import pumps, upgrade them, schedule modes, adjust settings, and demo your vortech pumps to dial in and wow friends, family and house guests from the website.
  • Creating gyres has never been easier by pairing master and slave pumps visually in ESL.
  • Create, preview, and save waves for your VorTechs.
  • Call various saved waves with the click of a button.
  • Initiate vortech Feed Mode with one click.
  • Fine tuning control of vortech feed mode, night mode, and battery backup mode speeds and durations.
  • Manage your Radions and VorTechs in your various aquariums using the redesigned, simpler and more elegant Device Manager.
  • Create aquariums and apply realistic positions for your VorTechs and Radions to define a representation of your actual reef tank.

But there is even more. Import a Dropcam® streaming webcam ( into your ESL profile and now you can view your aquarium from anywhere in the world at any time. Want to show your friends your Yellow Tang surfing the waves provided by your vortech? Just take out your iPhone, open our ESL App, demo a vortech wave and watch the fun from your seat at dinner.

This major ESL update will be released today as a beta with limited slots available. If you don’t get in to the beta program initially, don’t worry. The slots available will be increasing regularly so keep checking and rest assured that once it is ready for prime time we will open it to everyone. To get started using the most comprehensive release of ESL to date, simply log into and check the “Participate in Beta Releases” checkbox from Settings > Manage Account. That’s it!

There’s never a bad time to start using EcoTech Marine products: as we’ve proven over the last ten years, our commitment to backward compatibility means that we reward our customers for their commitment to our brand. But this is all still just the beginning. In the future, EcoTech Marine will be introducing even more capacity and accessories for this absolutely limitless web-based aquarium platform.

Welcome to the future of Reefkeeping. Welcome to ESL.









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