Ecotech’s Ecosmart Live previews Vortech controllability

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Since Vortech’s EcoSmart controllers do not have USB ports, there was no other way to program Vortechs except by interacting with the physical controller’s mode buttons and control dial.  But since EcoSmart controllers have built in RF wireless ability, users will soon be able to control their pumps using Ecotech’s newest product, the ReefLink.  This means that Vortech owners will be able to program their pumps on the fly from any web-enabled device from anywhere in the world.

For more information about the ReefLink, please read our hands-on preview.

The’s preview of the Vortech schedule screen is a non-interactive screenshot at this time, but it shows that Vortech owners will be able to manage their pumps like never before.  Not only is the web-based interface much simpler to use than the button-combination method required for the physical controller, but Vortech users will have a lot more flexibility in programming their pumps for different modes throughout the day.

Moving to a web-based control system just makes sense.  The interface is much more streamlined.  It allows “program-anywhere” controllability.  It helps integrate products across Ecotech’s lighting and pump platforms.   Who knows?  Perhaps one day you’ll be able to set a complete simulation of a natural coral reef for your reef aquarium with a few clicks of your mouse (or finger touches on your tablet/smart phone).


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