Ecoxotic Unveils Their Latest E-Series RGB Wireless LED Fixtures

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Ecoxotic is bringing a new product to the table, bolstering their LED striplights to now include a full spectrum model in the E-Series. This new series of striplights uses RGB technology, tossing in a daylight white LED to further beef up the spectrum to meet the needs of all your aquatic livestock as well as give more color options for fine tuning. Speaking of which, the fixture can be contolled wirelessly through an infrared remote, allowing for a huge assortment of colors and even simulated cloud cover, thunderstorms, a robust sunrise/sunset sequence, and an after hours moonlight. The LEDs are split across two channels, which Ecoxocit says was done to allow the color and growth capabilities to be separately tuned. Along with the RGB and wireless control, the E-Series features a sleek aluminum housing, polished reflector, 120 degree optics, and adjustable mounting arms that can be made to fit aquariums of various sizes. If mounting the lights directly on the tank aren’t an option, a set of canopy brackets is also included. The Ecoxotic E-Series lights are available in lengths of 12″, 18″, 24″, 36″, and 48″ with the prices starting at $140 and climbing to $330. The adjustable legs add another 6-12″ of reach depending on the light fixture. MORE: Ecoxotic Unveils Their Latest E-Series RGB Wireless LED Fixtures

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