Editorial: April 2009

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In this editorial I want to announce that I plan on introducing a new column starting in May, a column devoted to beginning marine aquarists. In other words, a beginner’s column. Because I have over 40-years of marine aquarium keeping under my belt I plan on writing the column myself. It is my intention to systematically discuss the essential elements of successfully establishing a reef or fish only marine aquarium. For example,

  • The tank: size, shape, material, etc.
  • Filtration: biological, chemical, protein skimming, ozone, UV, etc.
  • Temperature control: heaters, fans, refrigeration, etc.
  • Circulation: random, wave simulation, laminar, etc.
  • Substrate: bare-bottom, deep bed, grain size, etc.
  • Lighting: type, color temperature, intensity, reflectors, etc.
  • Fauna and flora: compatibility, aggression, etc.
  • Disease: quarantine, medications, etc.
  • Pests: flat worms, aiptasias, manganos, etc.
  • Nutrition: live food, prepared foods,
  • Salt water: salt mix, mixing techniques, RO and DI, changing (how much, and how often), etc.
  • Additives: trace elements, lime water, calcium reactors, etc.
  • Water quality: test kits, etc.

Is this fish, for example, reef tank compatible?

Obviously, I don’t intend to deal with all of these subjects in one column; instead, I plan on dealing with each, one column at a time. However, at the end of the beginner’s column readers should feel free to ask questions about any of these subjects at any time. If you have a pressing question it would be unreasonable to expect you to wait until that topic is discussed.


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