Editorial: December 2010

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In this last issue for 2010 we provide our readers with three new articles. One article is by Dana Riddle: Ecotech Marine’s MP-40w ES Propeller Pump and New EcoSmart Driver. As is typical of Dana’s work for Advanced Aquarist his product review provides the reader with factual data. In our world where so much information is ideologically driven without factual support, making it hard to know what is true from what is smoke from someone’s opinion pipe, it is helpful to have the verifiable data that Dana provides.

In this issue too we have an excellent article entitled Crabs in the Marine Aquarium by James W. Fatherree, M.Sc. This article is illustrated by many terrific pictures of crabs that reef keepers might encounter as possible invertebrates for their captive reefs.

Finally, we have an article by Kenneth Wingerter entitled Reconsidering the Lookdown (Selene vomer). For those aquarists looking for an unusual fish to add this is certainly a good candidate.

Before closing out this year I want to ask our readers to suggest to me what material they would like to see more or less of in the coming year. Please post your ideas in the comments below!

In this last issue of the year I don’t want to leave this editorial without some eye candy, and because I’ve been often asked what my favorite marine fish is, here is a photo of my favorite:


A photo of an Achilles Tang (Acanthurus achilles) in the author’s tank.


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