Editorial: May 2009

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Two weekends ago I traveled to N.Y. City to give a talk at Pratt Institute, at a “Frag. Swap” held by Manhattan Reefs – more about this next month. My talk was on Sunday, which gave me time on Saturday to visit a local fish store that many aquarists were talking about.


Whenever I come across a beautiful and well run LFS (local fish store) I like to take pictures and write about it.

First, a picture of the LFS from the outside, which is located in Greenwich, CT 06878:


Next, a series of photos of the interior of the store, displaying the various holding tanks, including some freshwater tanks. I might add that the freshwater planted tanks were so attractive that I almost decided to set up one.


Finally, the owner, Jason Edward has a magnificent display tank, which he is as proud of as any reef keeper. Here are some photos of his display tank.


The display tank has a deep sand bed, which permits a home to sand eels.


Unfortunately I couldn’t get far away from the tank to take any full tank shots, but this is a close-up of a section of magnificent coral growth.

Finally, I photo of the owner and some of the reef keepers I traveled with.


From left to right: Randy Donowitz, Jason Edward (LPS owner), Chris Jury, and Sanjay Joshi.


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