Education Equals Conservation

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One of the most important developments in the industry has been the organization and education of native islanders in the Pacific towards the value of the coral gardens growing in their backyard.  Not only has it caused many fishers and collectors to grow perfect handheld colonies instead of taking chisels to mother corals, but it has emphasized the value of proper husbandry and reinforced the concept of active management of natural resources.  Giving these people the knowledge and tools to make a living off growing corals is indeed a wonderful thing, for them and for us, the hobbyists.  There is a fantastic article HERE providing an overview of how these programs work and the incredible change in thinking that can affected through education.  If nothing else, download the PDF above and enjoy the incredible photos of ultra-pastel acroporas in their pseudo-natural habitat.

  • Josh Saul

    Josh Saul is a technology consultant for large global banks. He has been involved in the aquarium hobby for 20 years and has been SCUBA diving for more than 30.


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