Deepwater Aquatics is the new master distributor for Kamoer dosing pumps

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Notable features of the Kamoer KSP-F03A dosing pump:

  • 3 dosing heads on master unit
  • Ability to control up to 15 dosing heads
  • Large 132×32 character back-lit LCD display
  • Custom programs for each dosing head
  • Calibration for each dosing head
  • Flash memory to save programs during power interruption
  • Three modes of operation: Automatic dosing calculated (AKA Auto-Dose), custom dosing (time and volume), and manual dosing.
  • 24 maximum dosing cycles per day
  • Ability to program daily and weekly dosing schedules
  • 12 month warranty


The form factor is almost the same as the Bubble Magnus BM-T01 although the KSP-F03A is a bit bigger all around.  We have read multiple reports that the Kamoer also is much quieter than the Bubble Magnus, whose noise levels was a major point of complaint.

Kamoer is a trade name for the Chinese manufacturer, ShangHai YongChuang, who designs and produces lab and medical equipment primarily for the Asian market.  Medical equipment are customarily designed with higher grade components so it is a good sign for the quality of Kamoer dosing pumps.  Kamoer also manufactures a variety of single dosing head and quad (four) dosing head microprocessor dosing pumps in addition to slave units.  These other dosing products may make their way into the hobby.

The “street price” for the Kamoer KSP-F03A (currently available at our sponsor Salty Supply) mirrors the ~$300 price of the Bubble Magnus BM-T01, making it a very attractive (and seemingly better) alternative if you’re in the market for a new dosing pump.  And with a new distributor in Deepwater Aquatics, the Kamoer may soon permeate the North American market the same way the Bubble Magnus did in prior years.


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