Elkhorn Coral Planting by the Coral Restoration Foundation

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This new video was released by the CRF on July 29, 2012, showing how corals are not only grown out from frags but then planted back on actual reef foundations to restore what has been lost over the years. Ken Nedimyer organized his dream to rebuild our reefs on frag at a time, and it is gaining momentum. As hobbyists, we are more inclined to dream about what we can add to our aquarium next, but Ken’s vision is what can we do to help the ocean regain some of its former beauty? If you’d like to learn more about the Coral Restoration Foundation, be sure to attend MACNA September 28-30, 2012. Ken’s going to be speaking: “Coral Replanting: Hope for Caribbean Coral

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Elkhorn Coral Planting by the Coral Restoration Foundation

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