It seems I jumped the gun a bit when I announced the new Eshopps Realistic Frag Rock. In an email from one of my good friends at Eshopps I was informed that the rock I received was the same type of sample that all of the authorized Eshopps distributors recieved. The release date that the rock will be available for purchase by those of us in the hobby is scheduled for September 01, 2011. This just over a week before the opening date of MACNA2011 so I’m sure that Eshopps will have a good stock of these available for purchase at their booth in the exhibit hall.

I was also informed that the rock will be available in two sizes, Standard (pictured) and Nano. The standard rock has space for five plugs and I was wrong in saying it apparently did not come with the same type of plugs the Realistic Frag Cave came with. It will have 5 of the same plugs included in the packaging. The Nano version measures 2.5″ in diameter and will come with 3 plugs. The retail price for the standard has been set at $12.99 and $9.99 for the Nano version. FosterandSmithAquatics is one of the reputable dealers that will be carrying the new Realistic Frag Rock

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