Eshopps Goes Global

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Eshopps has long been recognized as the leader in the manufacture of quality acrylic aquarium filtration equipment. As the Hobbyists Brand, Eshopps is best known for their high quality acrylic sumps and protein skimmers manufactured specifically for the marine aquarium hobby.

For what now has been a decade, saltwater enthusiasts have relied on the product affordability that is synonymous with high quality when purchasing Eshopps sumps, wet/dry filters, in-sump and hang on protein skimmers or any of the many types of aquarium accessories and equipment Eshopps has to offer.  These purchases have easily been made at any of the 1000’s of Retail Fish Stores across the United States, into Canada and down to Puerto Rico which are recognized by Eshopps as certified retailers. In addition to these true brick and mortar businesses, many online retailers offer the same quality and affordability Eshopps provides.

By keeping their focus on maintaining a standard to produce the high quality aquarium products offered to the saltwater hobbyist community and all the while keeping costs down low so that nearly anybody is able to afford the equipment necessary to successfully enjoy this great hobby, Eshopps has consistantly earned high marks and favorable reviews, leading the pack with many innovative aquarium accessories such as the Realistic Frag Cave, Magnetic Probe Holder and the PSK-Nano Overflow, has only furthered Eshopps success and boosted the companies over all popularity with hobbyists across the country. The reward for Eshopps has been substantial growth of the company.

This year, 2012, Eshopps announces that their operation will expand to Asia.

Eshopps Asia, with Head Quarters located in Kwai Chung, Honk Kong, will supply Local Fish Stores across all of Asia and Europe with the same quality and affordable marine aquarium products that the West has enjoyed and come tocount on for the last 10 years.

2012 brings to Eshopps two major milestones. A global expansion and 10 years of  out-standing service and affordable products  available to the saltwater hobbyist.



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