ESHOPPS new Product: Mid-Level Line of AXIUM Skimmers

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mid level axium skimmers
Fans of ESHOPPS and of well-crafted, brilliantly-designed skimmers rejoice: the 15-year-old company has just announced the launch of a mid-level line of its wildly popular X-Series Skimmer. The successor to the 3rd Generation of the ESHOPPS PSK-Series, the new line of AXIUM Skimmers is even more streamlined and efficient than ever. It comes in four sizes: X-120, X-160, X-220, and X-350, accommodating tanks from 40 to 450 gallons. Switching to an internal pump design allows for a smaller footprint – the X-120 measures a mere 4.75″ in diameter, while the powerful X-350 measures 7.9″ in diameter and 22.5″ in height. The skimmers are equipped with brand new features, such as a baffle to adjust water level, a new and improved silencer, a quick-release pump lock, and a complete redesign of the skimmer body.

Other features include:

Independent water and air ratio adjustment from Silencer, providing easy tuning for precise skimming

Transparent body, including all chambers and venturi, so one can see any calcium build up and allow for easier maintenance

Ultra quiet performance, thanks to a collaboration with the industry’s favorite pump manufacturer, Sicce, which will provide maximum performance while remaining nearly silent

A totally unique, high-volume reaction chamber in a compact design

An adjustable water level baffle, which will facilitate fine tuning of water flow and skimming performance. (pictured below)

water level baffle axium

Item #55101551115512155131
Diameter4 ¾”6”7 3/8”7 7/8”
Height18”20”21.5”22 7/16”
Footprint6.5×5 ¾“7 5/8×7 ¼”9×8 ¼”9 ¾ x 9 5/8”
Water Level7-9”7-9”7-9”7-9”
Tank Rating40-120 gal100-225 gal200-325 gal300-450 gal
Pumpsicce SE-200sicce PSK-600sicce PSK-1000sicce PSK-1200
Bioload Capacity75 – Heavy

90 – Medium

120 – Light

100 – Heavy

170 – Medium

220 – Light

200 – Heavy

270 – Medium

320 – Light

300 – Heavy

370 – Medium

420 – Light

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