Eshopps releases world’s thinnest overflow in Prodigy Overflow Series.

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A few weeks ago I got a picture from Eshopps that just made me say WOW in amazement. I shared it on my social media and by the reactions, comments, and shares that the post has received, it seems that many of you agree with me.  Without further ado, here it is.

Prodigy Overflow from Eshopps. 

Why is this a big deal? 

Eshopp announced that this is the world’s slimmest overflow design. Bold claim. Just how exactly thin is this overflow? See for yourself. Yes, that’s a dime on top of the overflow. Look at the picture on the right to see how much actual real estate it takes in the tank itself. Eshopps certainly has the form factor down. I’m sure many other people will share similar thoughts and appreciate the extra slim profile design.  Not only is it visually pleasing, it also provides valuable real estate in our aquarium that we can stuff with even more corals.


Different Models

From the looks of the pictures that I have received, it looks like there are two versions (M, L), to accommodate tanks of all sizes.

What you need to know about Prodigy M.

Medium version or Prodigy M, has one main drain from the center of the overflow connected to the weir and already comes herbie style drain ready by containing a main drain as well as one emergency drain.

Dimensions are  8×5/8×6 8×3.5×6 and it’s ideal for aquariums 20 – 70 gal. It handles up to 700 gallons per hour and it utilizes  1×1.5”, 1×1” bulkheads for plumbing.


Prodigy M overflow installed on aquarium. You can see the herbie style drain being utilized here.

Prodigy L Model. 

On Prodigy L model, as one can expect from a bigger model with more real estate, they added two main drains from the holes behind the weir and has three drains for hobbyists to utilize the ever popular, bean animal drain system having primary drain on the low side, durso like taller drain in the middle and lastly emergency drain as a safe back up.

What you need to know about the Prodigy L model. 

Prodigy L’s dimension are 12×5/8×6 12×3.5×6 and it’s ideal for aquariums that are sized 70-180 gal. Of course you can add more than one if you have large aquariums. It handles up to 900 gallons per hour and it utilizes bulkheads that are 2×1.5”, 3x 1” sized.

As with their other overflow line, it comes with diamond hole saw, template guide, recessed external overflow cover.

Look at the clear external overflow cover which keeps the water in as well as making it easy to eye ball any potential clogs without taking off the lid or a strainer.


I got together with Louie Trang, the owner and CEO of Eshopps, to ask a few questions regarding this unit.  (Louie in bold letters)

Name of the overflow. How did you guys come up with that?

Prodigy – (I know it’s something that your son came up with) Can you go into the details about it

It wasn’t the first choice actually. The first choice was Eclipse Ultra and the name itself I felt wasn’t good enough for the product. It doesn’t have the “it factor”. After that my son mentioned that we are PP (professional prodigy) reefers, bingo. That’s when the light bulb went on.

Prodigy as defined as: a person or item endowed with exceptional qualities or abilities. Further, an impressive or outstanding example of a particular quality. In our case, an amazing or unusual thing, especially one out of the ordinary course of nature. 

How does it fall into the colors line?

The Color Series is a made up of (4) Class Levels. Introductory, Hobbyist, Advance Hobbyist, Professional.  The different Class levels are color coded. The advanced Hobbyist ALPHA-CLASS is ORANGE. The Prodigy Overflow is the ALPHA of aquarium overflow technology.

What made you guys decide to make the slimmest overflow on the market?

“REAL ESTATE” Everybody wants to maximize the real estate they have within their tanks and have the most beautiful display.
When does it come out and how much does it cost?

Priced very competively, Prodigy M is priced at $159.98 while the Prodigy L is priced at $179.98 and they are officially released as of January 1st of 2020! 

There you go guys! Another awesome option for you guys to consider when you guys are adding or replacing overflow to your new and or existing system! Thanks for reading and happy reefing!


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