Featured Coral: Joe’s Tye Dye Acan

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joes tie dye acan - reefsJoey Nichole’s shop always has beautiful corals for sale at fair prices, and this Acan is no exception.  Joey calls this beauty his Tye Dye Acan.

Husbandry: In the reef aquarium, Acanthastrea corals are typically very hardy and fast growing.  They are some of the most ideal corals for fragging with a quality frag saw.  Like many aquarists, coral farmers and coral importers, Joey uses the Gryphon Aquasaw to cut through the hard skeletons of these corals.  These corals will do well in a variety of lighting conditions but it’s best to keep them in lower in the aquarium if your lighting is more intense or you are acclimating them to the aquarium environment for the 1st time.

Acanthastrea Lordhowensis Traits Acanthastrea generally MORE

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