Featured Coral: WWC 4 Color Cyphastrea

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Our featured color of the week comes to us originally from World Wide Corals (WWC) in Orlando, FL but the photos are from Richard Negret at Cornbred corals.  As many of you know, Richard and the folks at WWC have a knack for finding both beautiful and unusual corals. The WWC 4 color Cyphastrea is no exception.

About: Over the years, several different color variations of Cyphastrea corals have appeared in the aquarium trade and there thought to be five known species of this Genus. Cyphastrea serialis (Forskål, 1775) Cyphastrea danai Milne Edwards, 1857 Cyphastrea brueggemanni Quelch, 1886 Cyphastrea suvadivae Gardiner, 1904 Cyphastrea conferta Nemenzo, 1959

History: The meteor shower Cyphastrea (pronunciation) was probably the first named Cyphastrea to enter into the aquarium hobby in the US.  With its teal- MORE

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