Featured Website: aquarist.me

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Featured Website: aquarist.me

aquarist.me homepage

There are many aquarium websites lost in the vastness of the internet; Advanced Aquarist will highlight some of the more polished up-and-comers for your consideration.

aquarist.me is a new website which allows members to share their aquarium information in a conveniently structured format.  Beyond basic aquarium specs and “micro-blogging” status updates, the website also allows members to organize their photos in distinct categories (see below).   Furthermore, visitors can toggle between viewing livestock lists as either photo thumbnails or as a text list (thumbnail format is displayed below).



aquarist.me features a searchable livestock database with information populated by members or via “creative common” websites like wikipedia.  Each species page contains a plethora of information including common name, scientific name, environment, max fish length, min tank size, temperament, diet, origin, and general descriptions and photos.  Furthermore, as aquarist.me gains more members, the species page will also data-mine members’ aquarium profiles to determine what species are commonly kept together.

Because aquarist.me is a new website, the database is sparsely populated at the time of this writing.



In addition to member aquarium pages and the livestock database, aquarist.me also hosts a video and member-contributed article library, with more features said to be in the works.

We encourage you to give aquarist.me a try.  As a crowd-sourced information website, many of aquarist.me’s features will only succeed if members contribute.  Their web designers did a great job making contributing easy and effortless, so the ball is now in your court.

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