Featured Website: Aquaticlog.com

A portion of Aquaticlog.com’s homepage

There are many aquarium logging websites and programs available now.  Some advanced software feature highly customizable charts, reporting, and calendars (e.g. Healthytanks.com) or predictive analysis (e.g. seneye).  Aquaticlog.com is not one of these.

Aquaticlog.com is a simple logging and scheduling website that allows members to keep track of their aquarium’s inventory, activities and measurements as well as share this information with other hobbyists.  We say simple not in a bad way.  In fact, simplicity is the beauty of Aquaticlog.com’s design.  The website is both extremely intuitive to read and use, which ultimately means a greater chance members will continue to maintain basic records and schedules.


nyogtha‘s “Mixed tropical” aquarium log (below) demonstrates what Aquatic.log is all about.  As you can see, information is logically categorized and laid out.  Users can upload photos, videos, tank measurements, upkeep schedules, equipment and livestock lists, and more.  So while Aquaticlog.com is simple, it is also feature rich.  And they are still adding new features.

We encourage you to give Aquaticlog.com a try.  Registration and use are free.


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