Fighting Problematic Algae With Chemicals – A Risky Proposition

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What is a reef tank? In simple terms, it is an attempt to re-create a slice of the ocean in a home. These captive ecosystems contain fish, corals and invertebrates from the around the world. Each tank is unique but all strive to achieve a level of harmony that can illuminate the beauty seen in nature.

But reef tanks also contain certain unwanted pests and organisms that can derail a reef keepers plans to achieve success. Problematic algae is one of these roadblocks. You have two basic options when fighting algae. Fight it via natural means or use chemicals. Is the use of chemicals the best option when trying to mimic a natural reef? Let’s dig in a bit.

Options for Fighting Cyano

Cyanobacteria is one of the most common forms of problematic algae. It can rear its ugly head when excess nutrients are present. It is often referred to as a form of algae but it is actually a bacteria (cyano is short for cyanobacteria).



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