Finally! Got my Hands on AI’s Nero 7

by | Oct 5, 2023 | Equipment | 0 comments

A few months ago, Aqua Illumination unveiled the largest size of its incredibly popular Nero series: the Nero 7.

My first thought when holding the unit is that it feels well made. It feels hefty, and while it got stronger and bigger, the 7 series maintains the low profile design that the Nero series is well known for.

It pushes a LOT of water (up to 4000 gallons per hour to be exact) and effectively puts it at the same level as its sister company’s (Ecotech Marine) MP40 flow rate. It’s good to see this unit come out because there aren’t many big name brands pushing this amount of water in our industry and having an affordable, quality option is always a welcome sight to see.

This is a solid option for anyone looking for a budget-friendly, top-tier brand’s product that offers quality, support, and service.

I’m sorry that I am reviewing this so late. AI actually sent this unit for me to check out months ago, but due to complicated health issues in the family, reviews for many products have sat for a bit.

I hope you guys enjoy the video.

Happy reefing!

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