We Finally Made It! Your First Look at MACNA 2014 With Reefs.com

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Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 10.02.09 AMI know you’ve all been so hyped about MACNA this year, myself included, and the wait is finally over. I flew in last night making it in just after midnight, could hardly sleep, and popped up this morning ready to geek out. Looks like we’re going to have a full house with people already lining up to get in over an hour before they officially open the doors to the exhibitor center. There’s tons of eye candy – beautiful tanks, corals, tanks, awesome new products and of course, lots of cool giveaways (check out my awesome shark I already nabbed below). The reefs.com Booth 207 is all set up, swanky lounge style, good to go so come say hi, download our innovative app, grab a cool sticker and check out what exciting things we have going on this weekend. MACNA will kicked off with their first speaker, Tony Vargas,  at 9:00AM where he went over what exactly makes a “great reef tank”. The schedule looks jam packed today with a workshops from Michael Cavasoz, Denver Downtown Aquarium, Lauren Arrington and Tim Marks, as well as more talks by Kevin Kohen, Tea Yi Kai, Jamie Craggs, Meneeka Gurroby, Eshan Dashti, Jean Jaubert and Martin Moe. Also in the cards is the refugium debate I’ve been waiting for between Julian Sprung and Jake Adams, a prize drawing, and the much anticipated reception! I’m beyond excited for this weekend – and I’ve already bumped into one of my Top Five most anticipated speakers – Laura Birenbaum!
Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 10.05.07 AM Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 10.05.59 AM Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 10.07.15 AM  Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 10.07.54 AM

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