Fireland, The Tierra Del Fuego Acropora

by | Sep 16, 2013 | Corals, Eye Candy, Photography | 1 comment

Rarity is not always a prerequisite for amazing beauty, but in the case of the TDF Acropora, they are as one. This Acropora was a Wet Thumb lineage Australian import with very sparse distribution. The mini colony in the image was grown from a seed fragment from the original colony imported and over a two year period. It is quite possibly the most colorful coral you will see with varying shades of red, pink, purple, green, and violet. The tabling growth pattern and pronounced polyp extension give it that extra bling. This coral is still very rare but collectors and aqua culture facilities know it well and will pay a premium to own a piece. The Tierra del Fuego, translates into The Fireland and with the fire this coral has, it is a fitting name.

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  1. Julian Hechavarria

    acquired a small colony a few weeks ago, and love all the colors!


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