First aquacultured yellow tangs are finally here!

Juvenile (still transparent!) yellow tangs at the Hawaii’s Oceanic Institute … looking for forever homes now!

yellowtangshipment.jpgThe Oceanic Institute of Hawaii Pacific University first announced their exciting aquaculture breakthrough in the October of 2015: the first successful captive breeding and rearing of the iconic yellow tang.  Their pioneering work, along with Rising Tide’s research, has made tremendous strides in captive bred marine fish, even notoriously difficult-to-rear marine fish like yellow tangs (due to their complicated pelagic larval stage). That hard work is now coming to fruition.

Between these research institutions, those in Taiwan, and commercial aquaculture ventures like ORA Farms, Biota Marine Life, Bali Aquarich, et al. our hobby is on the cusp of a major supply-side revolution.  It’s especially awesome to watch hobbyists, commercial enterprise, and the research community come together to propel this important research field forward; as an example, Segrest Farms intends to donate ALL their profits from their first batch of captive bred yellow tangs back to the Oceanic Institute to further fund their ongoing research.

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