Fish Tank Explodes!

by | Apr 22, 2015 | Science | 1 comment

restaurant explosionA 100-gallon saltwater fish tank ruptured unexpectedly Sunday night at The Loft Wine Bar in Benecia, California. Security cameras caught the the whole thing.  Crazy!  What are your thoughts – what do you think could have caused this?See the footage here: MORE

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  1. Ami

    It happens. I once worked in a garden center with an Aquatic shop. Minding my own business behind the Aquatic Shop till I took a phone call from the boss, put the phone down, and 2 seconds later the BiOrb next to the till exploded sending gallons of water and poor little fish everywhere.

    As a side note I got fired and had to pay for the damages even tho I had nothing to do with it. Still bitter about that to this day. Not sure what kind of person they thought I was…who would smash a fish tank on purpose?!


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